COLORI L'emozione dei COLORI nell'arte

The exhibition L'emozione dei COLORI nell'arte will be presented in the Manica Lunga of the Castello di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporanea and at the GAM Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea of Turin. The public display includes an extraordinary collection of over 400 works by 125 artists and other practitioners from around the world, dating from the late 17th century to today including Claude Bellegarde's Pyscolor cabin

Galerie civique d'art moderne et contemporain, Castello di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporanea
Piazza Mafalda di Savoia – 10098 Rivoli (Turin)
14 march to 23 july 2017


Jousse Entreprise Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Bellegarde, Farbenlehre as a tribute to Goethe's Theory of Colours. With La Ligne Bleu/The Blue Line a spiritual and carnal celebration, in which the unity of what one feels and which is felt physically hallmarks Bellegarde's White Period. This painting ushered in a new period, Cabine Psycolor, an emotional mirror, created in New York in 1964.

Under the influence of Pierre Restany, the Guggenheim Museum acquired one of these works. The Cabine Psycolor was shown fifty years later, at the Mudam in Luxembourg in the Tomorrow Now exhibition in 2015 and at the Centre Pompidou Metz, in the exhibition Cosa Mentale.

Art Contemporain
6 rue Saint-Claude 75003 Paris
Du 9 nov to 20 dec 2016

Exhibition - Bellegarde - Jousse Entreprise 2016

In 1953, Claude Bellegarde began his « White Period » in a quest for light – both diffuse and refracting light, obtained by the super positioning of silver white, titanium white and zinc white. The year 1957 was essentially devoted to paper works which were crinkled, chewed, sculpted and coated with white paint. His first two shows took place in 1955 « Bellegarde et l'Espace Intérieur / Bellegarde and Inner Space » at the Studio Facchetti in Paris followed by « Achrome » at the Appolinaire Gallery in Milan. Lucio Fontana and the Tate Gallery acquired these white-on-white paintings, which duly influenced the young artist Manzoni who often visited the Milanese gallery.

If « white » is an historic part of art from the past, Bellegarde was the forerunner of the 50's white. This led the Centre Pompidou to include one of his achromic paintings in their 1981 exhibition « Paris-Paris 1937-1957 » The young critic Pierre Restany, who began his career with Bellegarde, wrote of lyrical predisposition, enriched by an affection experience taken to its limits… Transmitting the unstable vibration of Life… the lesson of the « Nymphéas » had at last been understood. Here we find ourselves in the realm of imaginary spaces with their fathomless depth, like Kai-Song landscapes.

Waldemar George, an influential critic at the time, wondered at what moment Bellegarde's path – the path of an impassioned pilgrim looking for truth – crossed Claude Monet's royal road… Monet for whom man was no longer the center of the world and the measure of things, but just one element among the elements, a parcel of the universal soul.

Gilles Bastianelli - Curator

Bellegarde -Farbenlehre

photos: Paul Nicoué

Nel 1953 Claude Bellegarde entra nel « periodo bianco » alla ricerca della luce. Una luce al tempo stesso diffusa e rinfrangente, ottenuta grazie alle sovrapposizioni di bianco d'argento, bianco di titanio e bianco di zinco, su tela. Il 1957 sarà consacrato quasi esclusivamente alla carta. Cartapesta, carta stropicciata o impastata, imprimature di pittura bianca che provocano vibrazioni di materia e intensità luminose.

È nel 1955 che si sono tenute le prime due mostre. « Bellegarde et l'espace intérieur » nello Studio Facchetti a Parigi, seguita da « Achrome » nella galleria Apollinaire a Milano. Lucio Fontana e la Tate Gallery acquistano i quadri bianco su bianco. Saranno proprio questi ad influenzare il giovane pittore Manzoni che frequenta la galleria milanese. Se il bianco è un veterano della storia dell'arte, Bellegarde è il precursore di quello degli anni '50. Ed è per questa ragione che il Centro Pompidou presenterà, nel 1981, uno dei suoi Achrome nella mostra « Paris-Paris 1937-1957 ».

Il giovane critico, Pierre Restany, che fa il suo esordio con Claude Bellegarde, parla di predisposizione lirica, arricchita da un'esperienza affettiva spinta fino all'estremo limite. Trasmettere l'instabile vibrazione della Vita… la lezione delle Ninfe è stata compresa. Ci troviamo qui nell'ambito degli spazi immaginari, dall'infinita profondità come i paesaggi Kaï-Song.
Waldemar George, influente critico dell'epoca, si chiede in quale momento il cammino di Bellegarde, cammino di un appassionato pellegrino alla ricerca della verità, si incrocia con la strada regale di Claude Monet, per chi l'uomo non è più il centro del mondo e la misura di tutte le cose, ma solo un elemento tra gli elementi, una parcella d'anima universale.

La galleria Jousse Entreprise è felice di presentare la mostra « Farbenlehre » in omaggio alla Teoria dei colori di Goethe. Nel mirino c'è « La Ligne Bleue » in cui si produce una sorta di matrimonio bianco, nozze spirituali e carnali, che aprono un nuovo periodo, quello della « Cabina Psycolor », specchio emozionale creato a New York nel 1964. Grazie allo slancio di Pierre Restany, una di queste sarà acquistata dal Guggenheim. Rivedremo la « Cabina Psycolor » cinquant'anni dopo, al Mudam, in Lussemburgo, nella mostra « Tomorrow Now » , e nuovamente nel 2015 al Centro Pompidou Metz, nella mostra « Cosa Mentale » .

Gilles Bastianelli - Commissario della mostra

Cosa Mentale. Imaginaries of Telepathy of the 20th-Century Art

Cosa Mentale invites the spectator to re-live one of the unexpected adventures of modernity: telepathic art in the 20th century.

This exhibition traces a chronological path from symbolism to conceptual art with some hundred works of important modern and contempory artists, among them, Claude Bellegarde's Psycolor Cabin created in New-York in 1964.

Le Centre Pompidou-Metz
1, parvis des Droits-de-l'Homme, 57020 Metz
28 october 2015 to 28 march 2016


Claude Bellegarde › Expo Cosa Mentale au Centre Pompidou-Metz
photo: Gilles Bastianelli

Past Exhibitions

More than 90 works from the collection of contemporary art aficionado, Philippe Delaunay. Dentist by profession, he welcomed many artists to his office. One of these, low on funds, proposed his art work as payment. Hence, a life's adventure begins. Works from renowned and lesser known artists are featured in this exhibition: Robert Delaunay, Quentin Quint, Jean Gorin, César, Lucio Fontana, Claude Bellegarde...

Musée de Beaux-Arts de Bernay
17 june - 21 september 2014

Claude Bellegarde, considered a forerunner of monochromatic white paintings in the early 1950's, opened the way for other painters such as the Italian Piero Manzoni and the American Robert Ryman.

Galerie Artemper. 11 Rue Boulard 75014, Paris
3 april - 11 may 2014

Dedicated to the great Lebanese poet Salah Stétié this exhibition presents the poet's manuscripts with works by artists who collaborated on these publications and videos.

Musée Paul Valery,34200 Sète. 7 decembre 2012 - 31 march 2013

Villa Beatrix Enea, 64600 Anglet. 19 november 2011 - 15 january 2012

Galerie L'Atelier de Marianne, Paris. 22 novembre 2011 au 15 janvier 2012

Istanbul - TUR 24 to 27 november 2011
Art Miami - USA 30 november to 4 december 2011

The Maca exhibition includes works by contemporary artists from the French as well as international art scene.

Musée d’Art Contemporaine de Acri, IT. 5 july - 20 september, 2009

For the exhibition Autour de Pierre Cabanne, Guillaume Sébastien gathers works from more than thirty artists associated with the critic, some renowned: Arman, César, Marcel Duchamp , others less well-known but whose work he promoted with equal enthusiasm: Claude Bellegarde, Paul Guiramand, José Subira-Puig, Michel Tourlière… Each work is accompanied by an enlightening text by Pierre Cabanne.

Galerie Guillaume, Paris. 12 march au 30 april, 2009

Artists support Action against Hunger by donating works (paintings on porcelain plates) for auction. Proceeds go to Action Contre la Faim (ACF), an international relief and development organization.

l'Hôtel Dassault, Paris. Du 14 au 17 décembre

Christine Albanel, Minister of Culture and Communications, presents Assisis.   Brainchild of Philippe Delaunay president of the association Vol d'oiseau du cercle, the exhibition which brings together artists from a range of backgrounds, featuring works using a simple wooden chair.

Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication. Paris. 3 october - 19 november, 2008

Riff Art Projects Gallery presents the exhibition: Claude Bellegarde: Entre «Société de Consommation» (1970) et «Gris de Couleurs» (2007).

Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris - 21 - 26 octobre, 2008
1B, rue du Puits, Strasbourg - 26 june - 28 july, 2008

Galerie 53 presents a selection of works from 1965 through 1968.

Galerie 53, Paris, 18 january - 16 febuary, 2008

Galerie 14 presents a selection of the artist's paintings.

Galerie 14, Toucy. 31 mai - 29 june, 2008

Lille Artistique 1957-1972 ◊ Facing the rigid constraints of the official teaching methods favored by the Lille School of Fine Arts, a group of young activist/anti-establishment artists founded in 1956 L'Atelier de la Monnaie. The exhibition gathers for the first time works of the founding members, active members and over 70 invited artists such as:A.Tapiés, V.Vasarely, Balthus, Claude Bellegarde, E.Dodeigne, M.Gromaire, C.Permeke, N.de Saint Phalle...

Palais des Beaux-Arts. Lille. 14 decembre 2007 - 15 march, 2008

Galerie Rê located in Marrakesh, Morocco presents 19 contemporary painters (12 Moroccans, 1 Algerian and 6 French) .

Galerie Rê,Marrakech, Morocco. 1 july - 20 october, 2007

La Manufacture Nationale des Gobelins presents Les Gobelins 1607-2007, Trésors dévoilés - Quatre siècles de création, tapisseries, tapis, mobilier. The second of a three-part exhibition, Créations Actuelles 1997-2007 includes more than twenty contemporary tapestries signed by artists such as Alechinsky, Bellegarde, Othoniel, Portzamparc, Crasset.

Manufacture Nationale des Gobelins, 42 avenue des Gobelins, Paris. 12 may - 30 september, 2007

Claude Bellegarde «Éphémères» encres sur fibres de verre. Vernissage de l'exposition le 20 septembre 2007 à 19h00, lecture du poème Presque nuit de Salah Stétié (Grand Prix de la Francophonie en 1995)

Galerie de Bièvre, Paris. 20 - 27 september, 2007

Tomorrow now – when design meets science fiction is the first exhibition devoted to the relationship between design and science fiction and includes works by influential 20th century artists and designers. Bellegarde exhibits La cabine, 1965 a prototype from a series of psycolor cubicles, designed in the sixties … more about psycolor cubicles »

Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg. 25 may - 24 september, 2007

Castelbasso Progetto Cultura in collaboration with Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Lissone presents contemporary European and American works by :Karel Appel, Enrico Baj, Afro Basadella, Claude Bellegarde, Luigi Boille, Brüning, Alberto Burri, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Roberto Crippa, Mario De Luigi, Gianni Dova, Jean Dubuffet, Jean Fautrier, Lucio Fontana, Sam Francis, Pinot Gallizio, Hans Hartung, Asger Jorn, Franz Kline, Piero Manzoni, Conrad Marca-Relli, Georges Mathieu, Henri Michaux, Mattia Moreni, Ennio Morlotti, Alberto Novelli, Achille Pace, Achille Perilli, Jackson Pollock, Jean Paul Riopelle, Sergio Romiti, Antonino Ruggeri, Antonio Sanfilippo, Giuseppe Santomaso, Emilio Scanavino, Gregor Schneider, Emil Schumacher, Toti Scialoja, Pierre Soulages, Pierre Tal-Coat, Antoni Tàpies, Mark Tobey, Giulio Turcato, Cy Twombly, Emilio Vedova, Nachlass Wols. Curator: Silvia Pegoraro.

Palazzo de Sanctis, Castellalto, Teramo, Abruzzo Italia

Palazzo de Sanctis, Castellalto, Teramo, Abruzzo Italia. 14 juillet - 26 août, 2007

The exhibition includes several of Bellegarde's paintings, notably The Inferno,1990 from the Marine and Volcanic period.

Johnson & Johnson, Issy les Moulineaux, Hauts De Seine, France.. april - june, 2007

Prototypes, artistic projects and furniture : Roger Tallon and Claude Bellegarde.

Galerie Jousse Entreprise, Paris. april - may, 2007.

Oeuvres de Claude Bellegarde.

Galerie Lavignes Bastille, 27 rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris. 20 march - 3 may, 2007

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